Welcome at Redbox messaging - Your partner in cash collecting process.
RedBox1 enables your flow of personalized messages via any channel of choice, to trigger a direct response or payment from your clients.
Take control of every message detail and get real-time insight via our intuitive and proven online platform.
RedBox has an outstanding track-record in tailoring the message flow to your business process needs.
Your All-in-One solution for Client contact
You are looking for communication solutions in Credit Management.
RedBox Messaging is your trusted party in this quest. We ensure that you can communicate via SMS, Email, letter, automated outgoing voice message and the web. We can enhance your messages by including a transaction capability. We have managed to develop a technology that is user –friendly, flexible, modular in structure and offering the possibility to combine the different communication tools in one campaign.
Exactly what your department needs.
Beyond Messaging
RedBox Messaging is the specialist in communication and interaction.
Our all-in-one platform allows you to send all types of messages and also facilitates personal interaction and transaction in an incredibly simple and easy-to-use way.
Where required, we combine it all together to realise the perfect solution for you.
We are proud to say that we go beyond ‘Just Messaging’.
We need a Fix-IT guy!
• Higher education or University degree (preferably Information Technology)
• You dream and talk Java / PHP / Linux
• A couple of years working experience
• You were, are and will probably stay a 24/7 whiz kid
• You’re looking for a challenging position in a small company with growing pains
• You appreciate responsibility and can take ownership for solving client requests and issues
• You value a relaxed working environment in the centre of Amsterdam
Do you recognize yourself or know someone who matches this profile for 90%?
Check our site  www.redbox1.pl  and send a motivated message to  iwan@redbox1.nl
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Our services

- E-mail
- Voice cast
- print


- Online payments
- Transactions


- Smart combinations
- Repoprting & analyses